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Fernando Nocco

‘Seæ Inside – New Age Flowers’ | Fernando Nocco

‘Seæ Inside – New Age Flowers’ | Fernando Nocco

Fernando Nocco: ‘Water is dead.’ That sounds like a joke: here we have clean water coming out of our taps 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Worldwide, the question really is: how long does water still have? ‘Water is life.’ Don’t close your eyes! Also here, it won’t take long before that will be the joke. The sea was the womb for life on our planet. We still carry that sea within us, we consist of water.

With this serie I reminisce the still lifes of the old Dutch masters, who used strong compositions of colourful flowers, light and symbols to refer to life and death – I would like to invite you to turn your look inside, to see inside, and reflect on the importance that water should have in our time.

Fernando Nocco was born in Lecce, Italy, in 1965 and grew up in several areas in Italy between the Alps and the sea of Salento, where his love for nature turned into a passion for photography. In the eighties he studied photography at the IED in Rome, where he developed his skills with large format cameras. He was the assistant of the portrait photographer Giovanni Canitano in Rome, and later he established his own photographic studio in L’Aquila, dedicating his work mainly to architecture and interior design. After a long period of working as a professional freelance photographer in Italy, Fernando followed his fascination for the northern European lights, bringing him first to settle in Amsterdam (1997). He then became especially fascinated by Iceland and captured the beauty of her nature and strong contrasts (2001-2007). There he became aware of the fragility of wild nature in the hands of human beings. Nocco’s experiences in Iceland catalyzed into a strong consciousness about water issues.