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Marte Haverkamp

BRAIN FLOW by Marte Haverkamp

Thoughts. They just keep on coming. ?No invitation, no warning. Ever tumbling over, through and at times even into one another. F. Scott Fitzgerald claimed that the ability to hold two opposing thoughts at the same time is a proof of intelligence. Collage joins together multiple images, multiple universes, as thoughts do. Those universes collide, intertwine, overpower and strengthen one another and together form an original whole.
At Dikker en Thijs art gallery, Marte Haverkamp shows a number of works from ‘HOOFD STROOM’ a series of 100 collages. And she shows the first works in a new series. At first these might seem similar but by enlarging her own motifs new powerfull works arise.
The meticulously constructed fields of colour that are ripped and cut from various magazines, make the work more layered. With this play of form and colour Marte Haverkamp creates a visual language more and more her own. At first glance, it all may seem familiar. A closer look will transport you to a world that’s unique and unknown.